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How do I book a 1517 Speaker?

1517 has authors and speakers who can be available for a regional or hosted event at your organization or church. There is a process to select a speaker, determine availability, dates, themes & topics, and cost. Not all of our speakers are available on a given date, and some specialize in certain kinds of talks.   Planning at least a year out is advised.

A brief description of the booking process is as follows:

1) Submit a speaker request form  (click here)

Include as much details as possible:
  • Desired date, choice of speaker, event details, schedule, projected attendance, desired topic
  • Name and Location of event venue and actual host organization – physical address
  • Additional details such as history of this event, annual, men’s or women’s gathering, all church, etc.
  • Some details on your familiarity with 1517 and the desired speaker is always appreciated

2) Receive a response from the Speakers Network Coordinator.  

This will move forward the conversation to include other details and eventually the availability of the desired speaker, along with a more approximate cost.

  • Once there is verbal agreement between both 1517 Speakers liaison, the desired speaker and the potential host – a written booking agreement is issued for signature between all parties.  This helps to collect all information in one space for reference as the event approaches.
  • Most bookings happen 9-12 months in advance.   Some speakers book 16-24 months in advance.
  • 1517 will book the travel for the speaker and their travel companion 3-4 month ahead of your event.   Lodging and rental car will also be secured.   Those expenses will be invoiced to the host a week or so ahead of the event.
  • A travel itinerary will be given to the host, so they are aware of the travel arrangements for the speaker.
  • Books and resources specifically by the speaker will be sent ahead of time (details of sales & inventory will be tailored to each host)
  • For the success of any event, marketing and getting the word out to those you wish to attend is very important. 1517 will furnish you with photos, bios, and talk summaries to help with this effort. There are also basic templates for social media usage available.  Just ask!   It’s always a good idea to begin announcing your event early, save the date with people, and promise more information to come.   Online registration & payment can also be a very good idea.

Costs associated with booking a 1517 Speaker

  • Air & Ground transportation depend on closest airport to host venue. 
  • Hotel lodging is preferred – our speakers need quiet and privacy to prepare and rest before and after presenting
  • Meals – hospitality for meals is requested.   Hosted meals with staff or event organizers are welcome and should be scheduled.   Many times there are hosted meals for all attendees at the event  - this is lovely.
  • Misc. travel expenses – parking at origin airport, in-transit meals & beverage
  • 1517 will book air fares, lodging & ground transport for the speaker and their travel companion 3-4 month ahead of the event. 
  • Travel, lodging & misc. expenses will be invoiced to the host a week or so ahead of the event.

In addition to the travel expenses, there is a speaker fee which covers the preparation, presentation and engagement time for the speaker.   This is loosely based on days, not sessions, although a session heavy event will cost more.

3-4 sessions (45min each) - 2 days presentation -  3 days with travel - $1800+ 

Reasonable total budget for booking a speaker   $3500-$4000