How do I book a Hymn Sing Happy Hour for my church or organization?

WHERE: These events can be hosted in a church, bar, backyard, concert hall, or even an outdoor area.
WHAT: Blake Flattley will lead a selection of hymns, songs, and spiritual songs for about 60 minutes. Everyone in attendance will receive a link to the lyrics used during the event. These events are meant to be relaxed, fun, and engaging. 

COST & LOGISTICS: There is a flat fee of $1500 for all monthly donors (of any amount) or a $2000 fee for non-donors. The host is responsible for providing beverages or making it a BYOB event. In addition, please provide a rectangular table (6’ or 8’) for merchandise and 1517 Music materials. 

MARKETING & ATTENDANCE: You can expect to receive graphics to use to market the event. We ask that you take an active role in spreading the word. A successful event will have 50+ attendees.

SOUND SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Please plan to provide a sound system appropriate to the space as well as a microphone boom stand, and 2 XLR cables to connect to the system (1 for microphone, 1 to connect to a direct box that Blake will provide). In addition to any power needed for the sound system, Blake will need one power outlet near the base of the mic stand.

If after reading all of this, you’d like to continue with booking, please complete the form at