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How does my church become a Church Partner?

1517 exists to declare and defend the good news that we are forgiven and free on account of Christ alone. In order to accomplish this task through our numerous media platforms (podcast network, daily articles, academy courses, speaker events, music, conferences and books), we depend on the generosity of individuals and churches alike. Those churches who have both supported our work and have benefitted from our materials are what we refer to as our “Church Partners”.  

How can your church become a 1517 partner church?

  • A willingness to financially support 1517 with a donation (whether budgeted or from a special offering).
  • A desire to share the same message we proclaim: The good news that we are forgiven and free on account of Christ alone.
  • THAT’S IT!

Once a church signs up to be a partner with 1517, we place your church’s URL, branding and mission statement on our church partner page. This serves two overarching purposes:

  1. Let’s people know there are churches friendly to our ministry in their geographic area.
  2. Helps us show our gratitude to the various congregations who graciously give to further our ministry.

If you’d like further information on how to get started in becoming a church partner, or to find out some of the other benefits that come with specific levels of financial support, simply reach out to our Church Partnership Representative Erick Sorensen at Erick@1517 or give him a call at 909-210-8585.