What books by Martin Luther should I read?

Dr. Steven Paulson shares a list of his favorites!

As far as further introductory reading from Luther let me try a list below.  Meanwhile, you might like my book "Luther for Armchair Theologians", from Westminster John Knox press.  

But for Luther directly:

1. The Small Catechism and the Galatians Commentary. Must reads!

2. Luther’s Table Talks - that is valuable for quick slogans.

3.  Our group at 1517 has produced a translation of Luther’s Heidelberg Disputation which is short but still amazing: https://shop.1517.org/products/the-word-of-the-cross-martin-luthers-heidelberg-disputation

Article about it: https://www.1517.org/articles/luthers-heidelberg-disputation

4.  Most of us have turned to Luther’s "Freedom of a Christian" next.  It says what faith and love really are.

5. There is a remarkable writing on scripture called, "What to Look for and Expect in the Gospels."

6.  I would also turn to the last few pages of "The Confession concerning Christs Supper, 1528". It is all fun, but the last pages are one of Luther’s best Last Will and Testaments of what he believes and is ready to confess before God on the final judgment day.  

7. Then, if time allows, I would read Psalm 118, the beautiful confitemini.  Although I admit that I would also slip in Psalm 2– how God laughs at our plans and the nations rage.  

Well, that is a good list. Of course you could go to the Smalcald Articles or the Babylonian Captivity of the Church or the Large version of the catechism— but these should brighten your days for weeks to come.

Happy Reading!

Dr. Paulson