Why is Wisdom Feminine (“Lady Wisdom”) in Proverbs?

Regarding wisdom as feminine, it's a simple grammatical explanation. Like many (most?) languages, in Hebrew all nouns are in the feminine or masculine gender. Wisdom is a feminine noun and thus referred to as "she." But a grammatically feminine noun does not equal female. For instance, the Hebrew words for "land" and "Torah" are both feminine nouns, but one could hardly argue that land is female or that Torah is female. So with wisdom. Thus, while we refer to "Lady Wisdom" or to Wisdom as a "she" grammatically, don't confuse word gender with the female sex. It's comparing apples and oranges. If you're interested in learning more, I discuss this in my book, The Christ Key: Unlocking the Centrality of Christ in the Old Testament, when I talk about Wisdom. 

Written by Chad Bird, 1517 Scholar